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Tumble and Trampoline

Tumble and Trampoline at its simplest form is just another version of gymnastics with its own unique events. It's the perfect sport for kids who love to flip and bounce!


Our recreational T&T classes are perfect for anyone looking to learn to tumble and flip! While our competition team is the perfect fit for athletes looking for fun but serious training with multiple state champions, regional champions, and national qualifiers in the sport!

What are the events?

Power Tumbling

Power Tumbling is done on a Rod Floor and consists of multiple skills in a row often ending with big high flying skills.


This event is exactly like it sounds. You'll bounce high up on a trampoline and perform multiple connecting skills in a row.

Double Mini

This event is most similar to vault in artistic gymnastics. You'll run at the Double Mini and perform a skill onto the trampoline and than another skill to dismount the trampoline onto a mat.

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